Oil taste class

Sergio and I got different diplomas to taste oil and we will be glad to teach you to recognize different oil types, their use in cooking and to show you how oil was produced in the past here in the farm.

Homemade pasta

Sergio is a great cook. He often has fun preparing tagliatelle, gnocchi and ravioli. You can learn from him to “have your hands in the dough”.

Jams made with our fruits

We prepare tasty natural jams with left over fruits
and a bit of sugar.


Harvest olives with us

If you’re curious to understand which is the harvest process of olives, we invite you to stay with us one whole day to discover it.

You can help us working in the field

Even if we have to take care of the holiday farm, during the day we have also to work the land. From the vegetable garden to the orchard, from the vineyard to the olive grove, we never stop working. If you want, you can participate to the life in the countryside and you can go through an experience.
Otherwise, you can look at our animals. Goats and chickens will be glad of some more attention.

Sewing class

Before devoting my life to the country, I was a tailor and I still love this job. If you want to learn to create small objects with sewing machine we can have fun together and I can teach you.

Reading and writing

Inside our farm, there are specially-made places dedicated to reading, writing or painting.


Countryside village

If you want to experience nature, near the farm you can find many typical Tuscan villages to discover. You really have a lot of choices.

From Vallombrosa to Foreste Casentinesi National Park

You can visit majestic national parks that surround us and discover breath-taking landscapes

Bike tours

From Pelago all along the state road you can test yourself with hills
and hairpin turns and travel along the famous bike road of Pelago “La Leonessa”.

Rafting on Arno river

If you want to follow an uncommon path, we suggest you to go rafting on Arno river with expert guides.
You will see things from a very different point of view.

Follow in Baroncelli’s tracks

There are many tracks of our family’s ancient history in Florence. From Florence Cathedral to Palazzo Davanzati. There are many places reminding past that have to be visited.

Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Lucca

Fattoria di Caticciano in not so far away from Tuscany art cities. We can help you to schedule cultural one-day visit.