We are very proud of our olive trees. Our grandfathers were proud too, as they gave birth to our olive grove with great care. Our oils boast three centuries-old varieties: frantoio, moraiolo and leccino. These three species of Tuscan olive trees are here today to talk to us about ancient knowledge and flavors.

We look after landscape

As soon as we started taking care of the olive grooves, we understood we needed to be updated. We started a training course for managing the olive groove and the production of excellent oil. A passion was born. And a continuous challenge:

Olive trees

Olive trees characterize Italian landscapes. Our Country plays a leading role with its 500 varieties. Unfortunately, an olive-grower is never repaid for his hard work and the problems he has to face, because of the small value oil is being given. Moreover, the lack of farmers who take care of the fields makes the situation even worse. Olive grooves are thus abandoned or transformed into a more profitable activity.
We believe in the importance of this product, in its use in food tradition, in its nutraceutical features. We are engaged in giving more and more importance to its value.

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